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I started Body Piercing in 1989 on Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach. I was doing up to 50 piercings a day and the money was good. I began manufacturing body jewelry in 1992 as Steel Roots Custom Jewelry. I opened Elite Body Piercing in 2003 when Myrtle Beach lifted their piercing ban. We were the 1st piercing studio in Myrtle Beach. Tattooing was still illegal in S.C. so we couldn’t do tattoos yet, but we were ready. I have traveled the country going to tattoo and piercing studios guest spotting for years. Elite Ink Tattoos opened in 2006 and was the 2nd in the state to open. We are now the oldest studio in S.C. Business has been great and we are expanding. I am a tattoo artist-owner who grew up in Myrtle Beach, so if you want locals to work with you, come see the gang at Elite!


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